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The Harvard Decision Science Laboratory is currently seeking new members for its study pool. Participants are given opportunities to participate in experiments designed and run by Harvard researchers seeking to understand more about human decision making.

Our laboratory is located in Harvard Square. It's easy to get to on the T, and experiments here typically take about an hour. Participants are paid a fee for arriving on time -- typically ten dollars -- and usually receive additional compensation for taking part in the experiment. The details of each experiment, including the times of the experiment and the maximum possible payment, are always sent to you by e-mail.

And this is important to know: we prohibit the use of deception by all researchers in our laboratory. No study conducted here utilizes deception for any purpose.

So, here's how it works: you sign up to be a participant in our study pool. You'll have to create an account on our subject pool management system, and in doing so you'll be asked some questions -- things like your age, gender, education level, and so forth. Your answers to these questions help us to advise our researchers about the sorts of people that are participating in our studies.

Once you've signed up, we communicate with you by e-mail. You'll receive notices from time to time about new studies that are available for you to participate in. If you have more questions, you can read this longer document with more information.