Requirements for using the facility

  • Harvard affiliation - At least one member of your research team must be affiliated with Harvard University. If the principal investigator is not a Harvard faculty member, then there must be a faculty sponsor associated with your study.
  • IRB approval - All studies must receive IRB approval from Harvard's Committee on the Use of Human Subjects. We must have a copy of your IRB approval on file before you can run your study.
  • CITI Certification - All members of your research team must have completed the CITI certification.
  • Lab Use Application - Complete the online lab usage application found at
  • Subject Payment plan - It is the researcher's responsibility to pay subjects for their participation in HDSL studies. Make sure you speak with your department's finance office to ensure you are abiding by all record keeping and payment procedures. The Harvard-wide policy governing human subject payments can be found online here.
  • Policies - Researchers must abide by Harvard's security policies and the policies of HDSL.
  • Successful piloting/testing - Researchers are responsible for organizing a time to test or pilot their study in the lab space before running subjects.