Bundled Studies

HDSL now offers a new way of running studies — what we’re calling bundled studies! Below, you will find information about how this new process will work and how you can take advantage of it.

If you would like to have your study included in a bundled session, fill out a lab use application and complete the new bundled studies section. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the lab manager, decisionlab@harvard.edu.

Why bundled studies?

Bundled studies will save researchers time and money by combining multiple studies into one session. This will reduce cost, simplify logistics, and minimize recruiting efforts for each study by sharing sessions with multiple researchers using a simple, streamlined process. These sessions, to be run by HDSL research assistants, will run three times a week for three hours in two lab rooms resulting in up to 216 subjects run within a week! There would be a set cost of $15 per hour (plus any additional bonuses) split among the researchers, based on time used in the session.

This is not meant to replace regularly running sessions or researchers who wish to bundle their own studies. This would exclude studies using physiological equipment or other very specialized setup.

What types of studies can be included in the bundles?

Bundled sessions will consist of multiple short studies to be combined into a 50-minute session. Studies should be implemented in Qualtrics or other easy-to-run procedures that RAs can execute with minimal training. Studies will be bundled together based on type of subject needed and the length of the studies requested. Researchers will need to let the lab know their pre-screen requirements in the bundled study section of the lab use application. Researchers must train the RAs if any special setup is required and you must bring any physical study materials (including paper consent forms) to the lab by the Friday prior to the week when the study runs.

What will this cost me?

Researchers will provide a portion of the $15 show-up fee that participants will receive for the full 50-minute session by the Friday prior to the week of the study. All researcher money will be combined into one cash box for payouts. Cash must be brought in small bills. Any study using bonuses will have a separate cash box. We will use the attached example receipt and copies will be scanned and emailed out to each researcher at the end of the week along with session summary information (total number of participants, extra money, other notes).

Sample of a Bundled Session Schedule

Note: In this example, Julia has a 15 minute study running on Week 1, which would cost $972* for 216 participants, assuming completely full sessions. She also has a 25 minute study running in Week 3, which would cost $1620. She decides she needs more subjects and requests to run again in Week 4 for another $972.

* Cost is $0.30/minute, so $4.5/person, 216 maximum subjects