You are invited to use the lab!

As a Harvard affiliate, you are qualified to conduct experimental research in the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory. Researchers working in our facility have access to a world-leading biobehavioral research laboratory, a large and diverse subject pool, and a group of colleagues eager to help refine a set of research questions, design an experimental protocol using the Lab's systems, and conduct experiments.

In addition to the facilities of the Lab, we are creating an intellectual community of behavioral science investigators from schools, faculties, and research centers across the university. This interdisciplinary and interfaculty gathering of colleagues is another of the resources the Lab offers to investigators taking an active part in shaping a new field of exploration in the social sciences.

Anyone engaged in behavioral research at Harvard -- from senior faculty to undergraduates writing senior theses -- is welcome to use the Lab's facilities. Students in degree programs must have faculty sponsors to reserve time in the Lab.

If you'd like to explore the Lab's capabilities, we welcome you for a tour. We're located at 124 Mount Auburn Street, across from the Harvard Square post office. Please contact the lab manager, at 617-495-9120, or by e-mail at