Mark Edington Harvard Decision Science Lab Executive Director

Mark Edington, Executive Director

Mark D.W. Edington is Executive Director of the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory. In this role, he has principal responsibility for the administration and operational oversight of the lab's work, and represents the lab to constituencies in and beyond the University. Prior to taking this appointment Edington served in other senior administrative posts at Harvard, both in Central Administration and at Harvard Divinity School.

Edington's academic background is in comparative religion, international relations, trade, and security policy. He worked for ten years as an analyst at the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis focusing on post-Cold War patterns of conflict, intelligence requirements, and security policy planning, with an emphasis on terrorism and religious violence. He has also served as an instructor at the Institute of Politics, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, and as a teaching fellow in both the history department and the Divinity School.

He has appeared as a commentator on foreign policy on CNBC, All Things Considered, and The Connection, and his writings have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, Dædalus, and the op-ed pages of The New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, and the Boston Globe. He is a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations, where he is an active participant in the Council's Religion and Foreign Policy Initiative. A social entrepreneur, he was a co-founder and first president of the American Committees on Foreign Relations, and serves as director and board secretary with 2Seeds Network, an international NGO focused on food security in East Africa.