New Books by HDSL Researchers

Two HDSL researchers have just produced important new works based on their research.
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Ask a Decision Scientist

Questions about decisions answered by researchers.

Q:Dear Decision Scientist,
At my company we're about to hire a key member of our leadership team. We have a number of very qualified candidates that we plan to interview. Can you give us some advice on how we should make our choice?
-Worried Hiring Manager

A:Dear Worried Hiring Manager,
It's great that you have so many qualified candidates for an important job in your company. But you may want to be careful about how you go about comparing the candidates you bring in for interviews. Read More →


HDSL is now offering walk-in studies

We have a number of studies that can be completed at your convenience. Just walk in to the lab any time Mon.-Fri. 9-5. Log into your account (or create an account with us) here and see what's currently available.