New Books by HDSL Researchers

Two HDSL researchers have just produced important new works based on their research.
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Ask a Decision Scientist

Questions about decisions answered by researchers.

Q:Dear Decision Scientist,
At my company we're about to hire a key member of our leadership team. We have a number of very qualified candidates that we plan to interview. Can you give us some advice on how we should make our choice?
-Worried Hiring Manager

A:Dear Worried Hiring Manager,
It's great that you have so many qualified candidates for an important job in your company. But you may want to be careful about how you go about comparing the candidates you bring in for interviews. Read More →

News & Blog

Distance from an event affects how you deal with it

SoYon Rim, a postdoctorate fellow at the lab, has a paper in the March issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Her research suggests that your distance form an event affects whether you will focus more on … Continue reading

Francesca Gino and the power of ‘thanks’

Nice article in the Harvard Gazette that outlines some of HBS professor Francesca Gino‘s work on the often unseen power of gratitude. In one study, Gino asked participants to give feedback on a fictitious student’s sloppy cover letter for … Continue reading

Can you tell the difference?

As you may know, arXive is an online repository for pre-published physics and mathematics papers. The website snarXive is what would happen if the Onion was in the business of publishing titles and abstracts of fake academic papers. Kill a … Continue reading