Distance from an event affects how you deal with it

SoYon Rim, a postdoctorate fellow at the lab, has a paper in the March issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Her research suggests that your distance form an event affects whether you will focus more on that event’s causes or consequences. At greater distances, it seems that people tend to think more of causes rather than outcomes. Interesting stuff. Read more here.

Francesca Gino and the power of ‘thanks’

Nice article in the Harvard Gazette that outlines some of HBS professor Francesca Gino‘s work on the often unseen power of gratitude. In one study, Gino asked participants to give feedback on a fictitious student’s sloppy cover letter for a job. Half received only a terse reply, the other half received an expression of gratitude. Gino found not only an increase in the reported self-worth of the students who had received the thanks, but that they would be more likely to offer their help to others.

Read the entire article here.

Can you tell the difference?

As you may know, arXive is an online repository for pre-published physics and mathematics papers. The website snarXive is what would happen if the Onion was in the business of publishing titles and abstracts of fake academic papers. Kill a few moments over at arXive vs. snarXive and see if you can tell which title is from an actual paper and which is a joke.

Collection of Amy Cuddy’s recent Anderson Cooper 360 appearances

Amy Cuddy and Anderson Cooper
HBS preofessor Amy Cuddy is doing a series of appearances on AC360 to discuss body language and non-verbal cues in the context of presidential debates.

Here is a collection of her appearances so far: