Curricula and Program Initiatives

Courses in the field

  • Judgment and Decision Making (Bohnet/Lerner, API-304)
  • Trust, Emotion, Ethics and Morality in Negotiation and Decision Making (Lerner, API-307)
  • Emotion and Decision-Making Laboratory (Lerner, API-312)
  • Negotiation Analysis (Bohnet, STM-221)
  • Psychology and Economics (Laibson, Ec2030)
  • Behavioral and Experimental Economics (Laibson, Ec2001)

Executive Education

Ph.D. in Public Policy

  • Special track on Behavioral Decision Sciences (Bohnet and Lerner, chairs)

Additional Goals of the Laboratory

  • Increasing retention of women in science
  • Increasing retention of students from underrepresented groups in science
  • Leveraging federal grants from scientific organizations with private funds to conduct research that would otherwise not be possible
  • Building an interdisciplinary hub for the training of undergraduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral students