About the Harvard Decision Science Lab

Welcome to the Decision Science Laboratory, an advanced research facility created to provide a critical resource to researchers from across Harvard University. Our objective is to create and support a community of scholars working in the many intersecting areas of Decision Science, and in so doing to establish Harvard as a leading institution at the forefront of research and writing in the field.

Our laboratory is not only at the forefront of a relatively new field; it also represents a new way of thinking about how to create research facilities in the University.

  • First, our capabilities enable researchers to explore questions at the intersection of the natural and social sciences, by integrating systems that allow investigators to capture in real time both cognitive and biological responses to stimuli presented by means of computer-driven presentation technologies.
  • Second, and perhaps more important, our mandate from the Provost is not only to serve, but actively to seek out, scholars from across all schools and discplines in the University whose research interests may be supported by the capabilities offered by the lab.

We are fortunate not only to have a laboratory of exceptional technological capabilities--one of a handful of such facilities in the world--but to be optimally located for ease of access by both scholars and subjects who come to participate in studies hosted here.